ZX 81 Books

Mark Charlton
Games for your ZX 81 (The Virgin Computer Games Series)

Richard Francis
30 Programs for the ZX 81

Tim Hartnell
Getting Acquainted With Your ZX 81

Edited by Tim Hatnell
49 Explosive Games for the ZX 81

Bob Maunder
The ZX 81 Companion

Robin Norman
ZX 81 Basic Book

Clive Prigmore
30 Hour Basic ZX 81 Edition

Trevor Toms
The ZX 81 Pocket Book
x 2

Spectrum Books

Robert Erskine & Humphrey Walwyn with Paul Stanley & Micheal Bews
Sixty Programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Ian Graham
Step-by-Step Programming ZX Spectrum

E A Jackson
25 New Programs for the Spectrum

Mike James, S M Gee and Kay Ewbank
The Spectrum Book of Games

Dr Ian Logan
Understanding Your Spectrum Basic and Machine Code Programming

Professor Peter Morse & Brian Hancock
ZX Spectrum Micro Guide x 2

Ian Murray
Educational Programs for the Spectrum

Edited by Philip Williams
Over the Spectrum

Vic 20 Books

Vic 20 Programmer's Reference Guide

Nick Hampshire
Vic Graphics

A J Jones, E A Coley, D G J Cole
Mastering the Vic-20

Clifford Ramshaw
Vic Innovative Computing

Zappo Computer Centres
Graphic Planner - Vic 20

CBM 64 Books

Amiga Books

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